Pemanfaatan Situs untuk Kebutuhan Informasi Akademik oleh Mahasiswa Fikom Unpad

Restu Melsya, Tine Silvana Rachmawati, Nuning Kurniasih


This study discusses the "Use of the Site For Student Academic Information Needs FIKOM Unpad", Faculty of Communication at the University of Padjadjaran Jatinangor. The purpose of this study was to find out how to use the site for academic information needs for content, cognitive needs, affective and personal integration. The method used is descriptive quantitative method. The population in this study were students FIKOM force S1 R 2010. Samples taken by 82 respondents. Samples were taken using a Quota sampling.Teknik the data collection used questionnaires, interviews, observation and literature study. From the results of the study concluded that both sites and utilized by the user or student academic information is viewed as an aspect of the content, namely (completeness, and actuality actualization) can be said to be good and useful by the user, the user feel the site can meet the needs of academic information. Cognitive views of the user or student needs to meet the cognitive needs, it can be said to be good and useful to users who can provide information about the development of academic knowledge and is able to meet the needs of academic information. Judging from the affective needs by accessing this site, can meet the needs of academic information so that users can create a sense of excitement when opening the site. And views of personal information needs better assessed and utilized by the user, which can be seen from how users in memanfaatan this site and the manager can provide academic information needed by the user. So that from the information that has been presented and ditampilakan, will arise the trust of the users of this site unpad student.

Keywords: academic information needs, information

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