Pemanfaatan Informasi Akademik pada Situs Stain Jurai Siwo Metro lampung

Ristiani -, Pawit M.Yusuf, Rully Khaerul Anwar


This research aims to find out how the utilization of academic information on site seen from the analysis of the intensity of the access, completeness of information, the content of the information presented and the motivation of the use of the information. The methods used in this study is descriptive survey method where the researcher gives an overview of facts and data obtained from questionnaire, interview, observation and study library. The population in this research is the entire STAIN Jurai Siwo Metro students still active amounted to 3955 students and had access the site Sampling techniques using purposive sampling obtained 98 respondents. The results intensity of the access students quite often, completeness of information quite complete, the contents are complete enough academic information presented is quite clear and quite motivated students to search for information on academic sites. So it can be inferred that the site quite useful as media information for students in search of academic information as lecture schedules, announcements, scholarships, and a list of values​​.

Key words : academic information, information media

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